Dinner Set
Dinner Set
Dinner Set

Dinner Set

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This wooden dinner set is ideal for pretend play and complements our Cooking Set and Tea Set.

Includes: 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 spoon and fork sets, 2 placemats, 2 cups.

Made from sustainably sourced Mahogany wood and coated with natural beeswax polish. Not to be used as a substitute for your child´s eating utensils.


Recommended for 3 years old and older. Please take necessary precautions to keep your children safe.

Proper Care: Avoid getting the product wet. Wipe with clean cloth and occasionally apply beeswax polish.


Plate: 5¨ Diameter, 3/4¨ Depth

Bowl: 3.5¨ Diameter, 2¨ Depth

Cup: 2 1/4¨ Diameter, 2 3/4¨ Height

Spoon and Fork: 5¨ Length

Placemat: 8x7¨


*Please note that the serving spoons are no longer part of this set.