Play Clip (1 piece)
Play Clip (1 piece)

Play Clip (1 piece)

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Do you remember that time in your childhood when you built forts in the living room with blankets and pillows? You stayed there for hours with your dolls and stuffed animal friends and you told many stories, some of which you may still recall to this day. Young children are fond of building things and blanket forts are challenging as much as they are fun to do.

These wooden play clips are made from eco-friendly Mahogany wood and large enough to be clipped on to hold blanket and fabric firmly.

Price per piece 

Dimensions: 5 inches long 


Color may significantly vary from the photo above. We do not treat nor paint our wood thus different color depth and tones, visible grains, and natural pigmentation are to be expected. Mahogany wood can be light or dark in color depending on what is available for us to use. The wood also turns darker as it ages.

We apply beeswax polish on all our toys by default. It protects the toys from drying out and prevents water and sweat marks. Applying beeswax polish makes the toys turn slightly darker in color. Please let us know if you prefer the toys in their natural finish.